Lukas Podological SK-PODO 13mm 80/150/320 grit Abrasive caps

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Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the orange-coloured LUKAS- PODO abrasive cap is significantly more efficient than comparable instruments.

The single-use, hygienic caps prevent contamination, making the patient feel comfortable and safe. Replacement of the LUKAS grinding cap after each individual treatment completely prevents the transmission of germs. Cleaning of the abrasive cap is not required which saves time and effort. Caps may only be used on uninjured skin.

  •  Non-stick effect - The non-stick effect avoids the unhygienic attachment of skin residuals to the cap surface that are tedious to remove.
  • Gentler use - no pressure is required, reducing operator fatigue and stress to the skin.
  •  Easier and faster treatment - The coroundum particles are available in three qualities (fine, medium, coarse), all of which are significantly more effective than comparative tools.

The result: Wonderfully smooth, beautiful, callus-free feet with no damage or contamination of the skin.


Recommended speed: 7.000 – 10.000 (max. 11.000) rpm.

Abrasive caps should be on a Mandrel (GT PODO)

Abrasive caps for Mandrel (GT PODO) are available in different diameters with different abrasive (Grit).

Soft Grit: 320 (Fine)
LUKAS SK-PODO 10mm 320  
LUKAS SK-PODO 13mm 320  

Medium Grit: 150 (Medium)
LUKAS SK-PODO 10mm 150
LUKAS SK-PODO 13mm 150

Coarse Grit: 80 (Course)


Mandrel (GT PODO) diameters: 

10mm (round)
13mm (round)


Pack size:

Sold individually or in packs of 10 pieces.


Mandrel not included - purchased separately

Made in Germany