Polygel Multigel Imen

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Polygel Imen is a strong hybrid material between gel and acrylic. Doesn't smell. Smooth consistency, fine (no abrasive particles) and easy to file. This is a thick in viscosity material that only cures in a lamp. 


🤍 Clear

🤍 Cover

🤍 Cover Pink

🤍 Pink

🤍 Pearl

🤍 Milk

🤍 White

🤍 White Pearl


☑️ Nail strengthening and structure

☑️ Natural nail repairs

☑️ Extension repairs

☑️ Extensions without forms 

☑️ Extensions on forms

☑️ Extensions on upper forms 


On a prepped nail, apply primer and  a thin layer of base coat. Cure.

Apply polygel on nail. Ensure your brush is moistened with isopropyl spirit. No special liquids are required.

Full polymerisation: 2 minutes in LED/UV 48W lamp

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